About Me



As a designer, I am a firm believer in creating a bold statement. In order to create a clean design, you must “un-design” it as well, removing any elements that are unnecessary. I have a natural eye for design as everywhere I go I seem to inspect and observe all design work. My work describes me as an artist as well as a person. As a stubborn perfectionist, my designs reflect my personality by carefully placing components in relation to one another while maintaining an edginess that makes them unique. I have always attempted to add an element of my eccentricity into my work to show a piece of myself through my designs. In something as simple as my magazine spread, although it is extremely precise and technical, I try to use bold and colorful photos to liven the design and show my personality. If I feel strongly about a piece I will never be afraid to fight for its integrity. However, I believe that a design must ultimately speak for itself to be considered truly successful.

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